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Lets Stay are Clean Clean!

Lets Stay have consistently received reviews from guests saying that our properties are Sparkling Clean. Now, we are Clean Clean!

COVID-19 Measures

To minimise the risk of cross-infection of COVID-19, Lets Stay has taken steps to ensure the safety of our guests and our staff and contractors. Here is a summary of what we are doing...

Check in and out times

There will no longer be guests checking in on the same day as another guest checks out.
Check out time is 11am and housekeepers will not enter until 3pm at the earliest to allow a 4 hour safety window.

This has allowed us to move our check in time for guests from 3pm to midday.


We supply guests with basic provisions such as tea, coffee and biscuits. Previously these were loose but now they will be supplied in individual, single-serving sachets. Unfortunately, this means we need to limit the range of condiments available. However, we will still be able to supply the basics. Guests wanting to buy their own... No problem! There is a supermarket very close along with numerous smaller shops.

Furnishings and Floors

All the furnishings are wipeable and will be cleaned and then disinfected between guests. Soft items which cannot be wiped are laundered at the highest possible temperature, including cushion covers.

All the floors are hard surfaces which will be cleaned and disinfected. The only carpet is on the stairs and landing. This will be thoroughly vacuumed and is low-risk as guests do not normally loiter in this area.


A list of high use touchpoints, such as lightswitches, has been compiled. The housekeepers will pay special attention to these areas when cleaning to minimise any risks of cross-infection.

Additionally, a selection of cleaning products will always be available under the kitchen sink for guests to clean during their stay as required.

Visitor Attractions

In the past, a selection of leaflets from local visitor attractions has been available to guests. For hygiene reasons, these have been removed and are being replaced by an electronic version which will list local attractions along with other essential information to help guests. This will be available soon.

Rubbish Disposal

In line with government advice, we are asking all guests to take the black bag from the kitchen rubbish bin and the recycling and put both in the relevant wheelie bins located outside before they leave. This simple step will help to minimise risk to our housekeepers.

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