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Authentic experiences

Soaking up the local culture

Travellers are looking for authentic, local experiences. That is according to a recent survey by The survey found that many travellers were looking for something local. 73% wanted to "experience a deeper cultural understanding of a destination". Many reported that " helping local communities flourish again" was important to them.

The pandemic has forced everyone to either live closer together, or face isolation. Both of these have fostered a greater appreciation of community. It seems this community is not confined to being local. It overflows to travelling too. 61% of survey respondents went further. They said the pandemic has "encouraged them to travel more sustainably in the future".

Community and sustainability can translate into experiences. For many, it is not enough to lay on a sunny beach. Even with a great book. They want to experience the culture and discover the local environment. This doesn't have to be in far flung places either. Foreign travel is not appealing post-pandemic. There are lots of great UK staycations to experience. They come with familiar, yet interesting cultures.

The UK even selects a City of Culture every 4 years. In 2021 this is Coventry. The planned events and attractions include something for everyone. Some events have been modified to be COVID compliant but there is still a buzz around the city. Like most UK cities, Coventry has plenty to see and do. The City of Culture builds on that even more.

Of course everyone is different. That means we all like different things. So, if you are coming to visit Coventry or North Warwickshire, we can help. We have guides of things to do. Plus local knowledge to help you find the right places to visit to suit your tastes. Just ask...

For example, you can downloade our Free Walking Guide today.

Staying local can broaden your knowledge of your own country. It can ensure sustainability. Plus, it helps the local economy. Almost three quarters of people are looking to go local, support communities, culture and heritage.

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