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Creating Meaningful Memories

Preparing for a Staycation with your loved ones

Travel is on the horizon. You will soon be able to spend time with your loved ones outside your four walls creating new happy memories together once more! The best part is, you don't need to travel far from home to do this.

According to the new Airbnb survey, most of us are ready to start travelling again. Just thinking about it is boosting people's happiness!

Surprisingly, it was found that we are missing travel more than bars, restaurants and events.

As the Pandemic continues to limit mass tourism, the need to feel safe whilst travelling has been a big motivator for getting vaccinated. The first trips will be about going back to roots! Not venturing too far from home. Just a car journey to a staycation, visit loved ones or take a break together.

Following post-lockdown restrictions, folk will be viewing travel very differently this year. Time with family and friends has been sacrificed to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. There will be a yearning to reconnect with loved ones and create meaningful memories together.

The next planned Government step down is 12th April 2021 when you will be able to stay overnight somewhere other than home.

Let us help you to create new memories with those that you have been longing to visit. Lets Stay can offer comfortable, ‘whole house’ accommodation for you and your memory-creators to enjoy together.

Safely cooking self-catering meals in a well-equipped kitchen, eating together in the dining room or sharing your lockdown stories over a drink or two!

There is also a shift in destination behaviour. People have a strong desire to avoid crowded places post-pandemic. In the past, the larger cities of the world have always been popular places for holidaymakers to visit, such as London, Madrid, New York and Paris. Now folk are researching less well-known destinations in their United Kingdom such as Derbyshire, Rural Wales and North Warwickshire.

How can we help you to dodge those crowded areas?

Our furnished holiday lets are based in The Midlands. They are in small towns or cities but not far away from great transport links to access them by road or train. Located in the Heart of England, you can even bring your four-legged friend with you to sniff and explore together the beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

They are ideal places for you and your family or friends to be aware of your surroundings, and soak up the local culture, sights and sounds. You will have the opportunity to explore together, creating those much-needed Meaningful Memories!

With the increase of working from home, people have discovered they don’t need to be in the office to work. This means that remote learning and working are here to stay! The impact will be a demand for flexible vacations. Travellers can choose how long their stay will be and when they can go, meaning off-peak demand and longer stays will become more commonplace.

We can help you spend more time away with your loved ones, rather than having to end your memory creating trip. Lets Stay accommodation is open to you all year round, offering better rates for longer staying guests. There is free Wi-Fi to help you attend those important virtual meetings, plus designated workspace areas should you need them.

We are looking forward to helping you bring your loved ones together again, Creating Meaningful Memories all under one safe roof!

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