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Green Staycation

Helping the planet with holidays

Not many people would dispute that looking after our environment is important, if not essential. After all, we only have one planet and we share a collective need to care for it, not just for ourselves but for future generations. Never before in the history of mankind have we had such a great insight into the fragility of our world. However, we have also been blessed with information to help us protect and care for our surroundings.

The scale of the task is truly enormous. There is not one single person that is up to the challenge, but we can each do our little bit towards the cause. Each person, each family and each company can do things that, on their own, are insignificant but together can literally changing the world.

At Lets Stay we do take our responsibility seriously to balance running a successful business, giving our guests an exemplary experience and respecting our planet.

Going Green

Choosing a staycation is immediately a green choice. Travel is inherently troublesome for our environment, especially international travel where we want to journey long distances in short times. By choosing a staycation, you are reducing the travel distance and the environmental impact.

Staycations are not only a green choose of course. There is plenty to do and plenty to discover in our green and pleasant land. Plus, there is the additional benefit of helping your country's economy. It is truly a great option for everyone.

Lets Stay Green

The first Lets Stay Furnished Holiday Let has 'green' in its name but, this doesn't have any connection to their environmental credentials! Abbey Green View is named after the area of Nuneaton in which it is located which has been known as Abbey Green since at least 1874.

Green Holiday Stays

Although one of our properties is named 'green' because of times long before the term became synonymous with environmental issue, all Lets Stay properties do their bit to help protect the planet.

All properties owned by Lets Delight - our parent company - are supplied by the Utility Warehouse Green Energy Tariff. Not only does the electricity come from renewable sources, gas supply is offset by the planting of an entirely new forest in Wales. Making responsible and sensible choices from the start allows us to respect our planet and save money for our business.

Even with low cost green energy, it is still essential to use it economically. Throughout our properties we install efficient fridge freezers, washing machines and boilers. This is also the reason you will not find a tumble dryer in our holiday lets, but there is plenty of drying space both inside and outside.

Of course, it goes without saying that energy efficient lighting is utilised throughout.

Controlling the temperature

Balancing comfort, energy usage and peace of mind might seem difficult. We have solved this issue with smart thermostats which can be remotely controlled from our mobile phones. At the same time, they allow guests to set the temperature they desire to ensure a comfortable stay.

At the times of the year when heating is required, we switch the heating on before guests arrive. This is done in plenty of time to make sure everywhere is warm upon arrival. Once our guests have departed, the heating is turned off again saving energy and keeping our bills under control. Using the same technology we can also ensure that we don't have problems in even the coldest winters.

Recycling saves waste

Local authorities collect general rubbish and separately recyclable rubbish. We understand that this varies widely from one local authority to another. It can be confusing for our guests from within the UK and an overwhelming experience for those coming from overseas. For this reason we have clear signs with symbols to help everyone identify what needs to go in which rubbish bin.

Our guests deserve quality which is why we provide lovingly handmade soap in the bathroom. But what about the leftovers? Not even this is wasted. After guests have stayed, our housekeepers collect the leftovers and, when sufficient has been collected, this is reprocessed to form the base for a new batch of soap which will again be lovingly handmade for future guests. With a little forethought, it really isn't too onerous to do our little bit for our planet.

How guests can help

We cannot do everything; it falls on us all to help out, including guests.

Guests can help out a great deal simply by turning down the heating when going out for the day, reporting any problems and taking out the rubbish bags to the wheelie bins provided at the end of their stay.

Enjoy your stay at Lets Stay, and let's all do our bit to help care for and protect the planet.

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