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My recent hotel stay

Are Furnished Holiday Lets a viable alternative to hotels?

Recently, I stayed in a hotel for the first time in a long time. The pandemic meant that I have not stayed anywhere. But even before COVID, I generally used Furnished Holiday Lets and not hotels. This has given me first-hand opportunity of the hotel experience.

I have been away for two days of business training. My stay was in the hotel where the training took place. With 150 delegates, this is where hotels absolutely come into their own. They have the space, the catering facilities, the accommodation and the expertise for big events. For this, hotels will always reign supreme.

Staying on site and socially-distanced mingling with other delegates was all part of event. But it also gave an insight of hotel accommodation.

The hotel had been recently refurbished. It was smart and modern. There were plenty of power sockets with USB; something often lacking in hotels! The chairs were comfy and the bed relaxing. In many ways it was ideal.

Yet it was bland and anonymous. The layout was identical to hotels the world over. I could have been in any city, anywhere in the world. There was virtually no character to the place. For someone who usually stays in a Furnished Holiday Let, this was a stark contrast. Conversely, they nearly always reflect the personality of their owners. They sympathise with their location. They add interest and character to the time spent there.

Of course, my hotel stay was perfect for the conference I attended. It performed very well and I have no complaints. But would I choose it for a family staycation? It's an emphatic no!

My default choice would always be to stay in a Furnished Holiday Let. They are all different. They all hold little surprises and unique quirks that add interest to the time spent there. This is far more fulfilling and enlightening than an anonymous hotel room. Then add into the mix the cooking facilities and the space and there is a very compelling reason to avoid hotels. A Furnished Holiday Let is usually the better option for a staycation. Leave the hotels to do what they best. Bringing people together for conferences and other events.

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