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Parking at your Staycation

One less thing to worry about

You set off from home on a small adventure. The car is ready; the packing complete. The family attempt to hide their excitement whilst checking you programmed the satnav. You are off on your staycation!

As the satnav announces there is only half an hour left to go, you start to imagine what will happen when you arrive. You are looking forward to exploring what will be your home for the next week or so. Then unloading the car and relaxing with a hot drink. Your excitement quietly starts to build.

Then a sudden thought washes over you. "What if I can't park?"

After a long drive, all you want to do is settle in and wind down. Worrying about parking is not what you want or need at the start of a period of relaxation. But there was no need to worry as you remember the parking details Lets Stay sent when you booked.

You can rest assured that parking will not be a major issue. All Lets Stay properties are in residential areas with on-street parking. This means that we cannot guarantee a space right outside, however there will always be space nearby and you will always be able to pull up outside to unload. We can include maps in the staycation information you will receive when you book.

Abbey Green View

Abbey Green View is opposite Abbey Green in Nuneaton. This area of town has permit restricted parking during the week. Thus, we provide a single parking pass for guests. Parking around Abbey Green is not usually a problem. We provide you with full details of the parking pass when you book your staycation.

If you plan to arrive in more than one car, the other vehicles can park in the street opposite. You will be able to unload first so there is no need to carry luggage very far. Again, you get full details when you book. Please, just make sure you leave the parking pass behind when you go so it's ready for the next guests!

Gosford Apartments

The Gosford Green area of Coventry has wide and leafy residential streets, so parking is seldom a problem. You should be able to park very close to your staycation accommodation as there are no restrictions here. Again, for your peace of mind, we can provide a map when you book.

Have we missed anything?

Do you have any questions that we have not covered? If so, we'd love to hear from you. We are always available to answer your questions, listen to your observations or just to have a chat. Besides, if you spot anything we haven't covered, we can include it. This will help others prepare for their staycation.

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