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Taking the family dog on staycation

The dog is an integral part of the family and will enhance your staycation

When asked about what's important in life, many of us will say family. That's a great priority to have. Our lives get consumed with work and other obligations. It's easy for family to get relegated to a corner of our life.

Holidays are so important. They allow connection with the family in a way that is very difficult the rest of the time. They allow us to create memories that will last a lifetime. Plus they allow recuperation from the stresses of work and life.

That quality time spent with the family doesn't have to stop with the people. It extends to the all important family dog! Faithful and loving throughout the year, the dog deserves to be part of your holiday too. You can be sure the dog will enhance your enjoyment of the time away as well.

Taking a dog on an aeroplane is not practical unless you are emigrating. Even then it is fraught with difficulties. A staycation on the other hand; that can be perfect for the whole family, including the dog.

Many UK staycations allow dogs to stay. Others, like Lets Stay, positively love it when dogs visit. Joolz and Ian always have a twinge of disappointment when they know people are visiting without a dog. This is because they know how integral dogs are to many families.

Just because you are taking a staycation with the dog doesn't mean you need to compromise on quality. It is true that some dog-friendly accommodation is below standard. But not all. That's why Lets Stay receive consistent great reviews. The reviews talk about high levels of cleanliness, cosiness and a quality environment. In short, exemplary staycation accommodation.

Plus, we look after the dog. Dog towels, dog treats and poo bags are all provided. The hound even has their own area should they wish to have some quiet space. There's a blanket there for them too. And best of all, dogs stay free. But only when accompanied by paying people!

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