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How much to stay in a UK Holiday Let?

Working out the costs of staycation

There is an old saying that you get what you pay for. Whilst there is some truth in this, there are certainly things whereby this does not hold true. For example, aeroplane flights are always more expensive in school holidays although there is nothing different that happens on the flight at any time of the year.
Price is far from the only consideration when making a decision. If it were, then there would only be one type of car, one type of mobile phone, and everyone would be wearing the same clothes. For nearly everybody, price is just one of many factors involved in their decision-making.

What influences the cost?

When it comes to a furnished holiday let, many factors influence the price that one pays. The number of people staying has a large bearing on the final price. Naturally, larger parties will rule out smaller properties before they even consider the price. Also, the longer the stay the higher the price. But it is also the case that the longer the stay, the lower the cost per night.
There are a number of fixed costs. Cleaning , for example, is the same whether the party stays for two nights or two weeks. Many properties, including all Lets Stay properties, offer discounts for longer stays. If you have one or more dogs in your party this can affect the price, although at Lets Stay we do not charge extra for doggy visitors.
In common with the flights during school Holidays, furnished holiday let prices are dependent upon demand in the area at different times of year. In holiday destinations this tends to follow the natural season and in cities it is influenced more by local events and attractions.

Shop around and understand what you want

So there are many factors which govern the cost of a stay in a UK furnished holiday let. As with most things in life, shopping around and understanding the options can be time well spent.

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