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Travelling with your dog

The journey to your staycation

The journey to any holiday can be stressful. Holidays that involve air travel especially so. Will it be a delayed flight? Will there be screaming kids on the plane? Will I have enough leg room?

At least when you travel to a staycation, you are in control. You control what happens inside your car. And if there are traffic jams, you can stop for a break along the way. That's not an option with an aeroplane!

For the family dog, it can be a different matter. The humans know where they are going. At least, they know they are going on staycation. The dog has no idea.

Some dogs love a car trip, others hate it. Be aware of how much your dog enjoys the experience. If your faithful friend doesn't enjoy travelling, try to build the journey length up over time. Always make sure there is something nice at the end. Drive to the local park for a good walk. This will help associate car journeys with nice events.

When travelling with your dog, plan extra time into your journey. The hound will appreciate a comfort break and a drink of water. Plus all those new smells to take in! And don't forget the all important poo bags... This goes for any car journey, not only travelling to your staycation.

On arrival, the home for the holiday will be unfamiliar. Not only to the humans but to the dogs too. Weird things and strange smells. Make sure there is something familiar there to let the dog know that they belong. Bring their blanket and toys. This simple step will show the dog this is a place to relax and settle down. Although at Lets Stay we provide a dog bed and blanket, there's nothing like the usual smells. Your dog will appreciate it.

The same goes for the return journey. When the time comes to return home, it is easy to try to travel without a break. But don't forget those doggy legs need stretching. Plus, there are more smells to take in. Plan a bit of extra time for a break or two.

Our dogs bring us so much love and enjoyment. One of the biggest advantages of a staycation over foreign travel can be the company of our dogs. Take a few moments of planning. A little extra time travelling and a few breaks. Your four-legged friend will be so much happier because of it.

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